A is a teacher who had struggled to control her rage in class. She felt unloved by her dad and unworthy of intimacy with God. Here is her story of how she was set free from lies about her father’s love for her and deep-rooted OCD tendencies. Praise God!

(See Chinese versions: 简体中文 > 耶稣把教师从愤怒和强迫症拯救出来 | 繁體中文 > 耶穌把教師從憤怒和強迫症拯救出來)

For years, I suffered from uncontrollable anger.

Growing up in South Africa, I was always keenly aware how extroverted and sociable I was in relation to my two sisters. Coupled with the ʻmiddle-childʼ complex, insecurities brought about by wanting to be more like them and suppressing myself, I would condemn myself.

This was solidified when one day, my dad returned from a trip to Thailand with a gold pendant with a goddess, with many arms, seated on a lotus leaf for me. He said I was to wear this to calm me down.

I never knew quite how to relate to him. I wasn’t particularly academically adept, was always more vocal and so forth. I always felt that I caused my dad the most trouble and inconvenience, and that somehow, he loved me the least, and that I had to earn his love and approval. I was also told that while in the womb, my parents were expecting me to be a boy.

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