(Natural News) In just a few short days – January 11, to be exact – at least 15 million Americans will begin to lose their health coverage.

The reason for this is that the shield of continuous coverage offered by Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will end in conjunction with the end of the covid “public health emergency,” which has been in effect for nearly three years now.

The Biden regime announced plans to end the public health emergency by January 11, though analysts say that date could be extended another 60 days because of a White House promise to issue a two-month notice before it becomes official. Either way, we are just weeks or even days away from millions of Americans losing their health coverage.

“Once the state of emergency expires, regular income requirements and restrictions will apply,” reported The Epoch Times. “This will disqualify millions who’ve benefited from congressional legislation passed in 2020 preventing disenrollment for the duration of the COVID pandemic.”

“Even with an extension, it’s only delaying the inevitable, according to industry insiders. An avalanche of newly uninsured Americans will still tumble into the national health care system.” (Related: Remember when the World Health Organization [WHO] tried to declare another “global health emergency” over monkeypox?)

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