(Natural News) Long before covid “vaccines” were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed, drug giant Pfizer was effectively committing mass genocide through drug crimes that include illegal and corrupt marketing practices, physician bribery, and suppressed adverse trial results, to name just a few.

All of this and more is being revealed at length in the Pfizer Files, a trove of convicting evidence that exposes Pfizer as a longtime criminal operation and illicit drug racket that has claimed the lives and livelihoods of countless millions of people all around the world.

Though you will never hear about it through the globalist-controlled media and political apparatus, Pfizer, since corporations are now “people” under United States law, is guilty of mass murder. And the Pfizer Files are bringing it all to light like never before in history.

A quick trip back to the year 1994 reveals that Pfizer paid off the Department of Justice (DoJ) to settle various claims that the company lied about a heart valve product in order to gain federal approval for it. Pfizer covered up safety concerns about the device, which killed hundreds of patients.

The end of that saga resulted in Pfizer having to pay out $200 million in settlements, which is just a drop in the bucket compared to the profits the company raked in from said product. Settlements and fines, it turns out, are just a line item on Big Pharma’s operating expenses.

In 1996, Pfizer administered an experimental drug to 200 Nigerian children without informing their parents, let alone getting permission to use them as human guinea pigs. Eleven of these children died while numerous others developed brain damage, organ failure, and / or paralysis.

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