(Natural News) Recently, a paper was published in the journal Science Immunology showing that people who get “vaccinated” for covid with mRNA suffer immune dysregulation resulting in overproduction of an antibody called IgG4.

This dysregulation means that over time the “fully vaccinated” will lose their generalized immunity and no longer be able to ward off coronaviruses of any kind, including the common cold. (Related: Mass “vaccination” for covid has led to a massive spike in AIDS.)

With each subsequent infection, someone who got all his covid shots will become increasingly more prone to illness. Conversely, those with natural immunity will become less prone to infection because their immune systems function properly and continually learn how to fight mutating disease.

Since most people are fully injected, covid infections will continue – and on average, their severity over time will increase, which would not have been the case had nobody ever gotten jabbed.

“People will take longer to get better once they’re infected,” explains Alex Berenson. “Hospitalizations and deaths will rise. The health-care system will come under worsening strain.”

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