(Natural News) The mainstream media is working overtime to shroud the possibility that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed suddenly as a result of being forced by the NFL to get “vaccinated” for covid.

Every excuse under the sun is being thrown around to explain away why Hamlin, who visibly stood up after performing a tackle and appeared to be fine, froze and fell backwards to the ground without apparent cause.

Social media doctors like Chris Haddock were quick to provide their expertise immediately after the incident, blaming the incident on an extremely rare condition called “commotio cordis” where, as Haddock explains, “a blow to the chest at a precise moment in the electrical cycle stops the heart.”

“Those trying to tie this to vaccine status to project their unscientific beliefs are terrible, horrible people,” Haddock further lectured, completely rejecting the possibility that Hamlin may have developed a cardiac condition from his forced jabs that caused him serious injury.

The NFL is rejecting the notion as well, having issued a statement that provides absolutely nothing in the way of a valid explanation as to why Hamlin, an otherwise healthy 24-year-old who has been tackling people without issue for many years, suddenly dropped to the ground without apparent cause. (Related: Every single person who gets jabbed for covid suffers heart damage to some degree.)

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