The verdict is in: even the most advanced of the face masks that was pushed on Americans during covid, the N95, is a dud when it comes to providing actual protection against disease transmission.

A multi-year study found that N95 masks, which are supposedly better than homemade cloth and those ugly blue masks, are largely useless, despite providing “the highest” level of protection.

The peer-reviewed, international randomized controlled trial (RCT) found no statistically significant real-world evidence of efficacy between N95 masks and surgical masks, and another study from Yale University found that mask efficacy at halting transmission is essentially zero.

The only thing masks do, as many have long claimed, is symbolize one’s allegiance to the religion of covid. Kind of like “shirts” and “skins” in junior high flag football, the mask simply shows that one aligns with the political left.

“In my not-so-humble opinion – an opinion many of us have shared for nearly two years – masks are largely virtue-signaling symbols worn by liberals, or others frightened into believing that masks are effective in preventing one from contracting the virus,” writes Mike Miller for Red State.

“Incidentally, if they did? Why did liberals’ hair catch on fire if they were wearing a mask and you weren’t? Rhetorical question, of course.” (Related: Remember when California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught wiring billions of dollars to communist China in a massive face mask money laundering scheme?)

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