Right now, Europeans are facing a potentially catastrophic winter, absent the usual energy abundance that previously provided affordable heat, electricity and nitrogen fertilizer production via the Haber-Bosch process: hydrocarbons (H) + atmospheric nitrogen (N) = ammonia (NH3), the precursor to nitrogen-based fertilizers that grow the very crops that feed half the world’s population.

Nitrogen from the atmosphere is combined with hydrocarbons from natural gas to create ammonia, the precursor to nitrogen fertilizers. This process consumes hydrocarbons as feed stock as well as using energy to achieve the high pressures necessary for the chemical reaction to occur.

What’s astonishing is that Europe has an abundance of natural energy resources right under its feet yet lacks the political fortitude to oppose the greens and tap into the resources they already possess. They are sitting on an energy goldmine, so to speak, yet somehow facing very real starvation, freezing and agricultural collapse in the spring due to lack of domestic fertilizer production.

This is all the result of deliberate government sabotage of Europe’s domestic energy infrastructureSabotage, in essence.

They didn’t sabotage the infrastructure with rifle fire like is alleged in North Carolina. Instead, they sabotaged it with government policy.

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