Santino Godoy Blanco.

SAN MIGUEL, GREATER BUENOS AIRES — A 4-year-old boy is dead after being used by the powers-that-be for their malevolent agendas.

Santino Godoy Blanco was a familiar face to many Argentinians. He appeared in ad campaigns produced by the National Ministry of Health, beginning in early October. The following is an ad promoting a measles, mumps, polio and rubella “vaccine.” Posters like this are present in all public health buildings across the country.

It’s unclear if Santino received mRNA injections. What is clear is that he’s dead, and the excuses are not adding up.

Santino woke up feeling ill on November 2, according to his mother, Agustina Blanco. He had a high fever and was vomiting. Ms. Blanco took Santino to Larcade Municipal Hospital in San Miguel. He was first diagnosed with viral laryngitis. The hospital discharged Santino after two hours. But he continued vomiting, and his temperature did not go down.

They returned to the hospital. This time doctors injected Santino with reliveran, a drug sometimes used to prevent chemotherapy patients from vomiting. Santino immediately vomited again after the injection. Doctors then performed a urinalysis. Despite Santino barely being able to urinate, they found no infection and nothing wrong.

Mrs. Blanco demanded that doctors do a blood test. But they refused. Doctors were now diagnosing Santino with gastroenterocolitis (stomach and intestinal inflammation). They administered dipirona (metamizole), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

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