It’s a real smear campaign.

A deranged man was caught on camera allegedly rubbing feces on his neighbors’ new car shortly after pouring what’s believed to be urine through their letterbox in Hampshire, England, SWNS reported.

“It turned out he was putting urine through the letterbox and cat poo everywhere — he put it on my car and the doorstep, and he’d even gone round to my back gate and put urine on my [trash] bins as well,” Sue Waters said of the Aug. 6 incident.

“He was picking up bits of cat poo and moving it and then picking it up again and moving it somewhere else, and this went on for hours.”

Sue, 59, said she and her husband Martin, 61 were vacationing in Cypress when she was “horrified” to see the neighbor’s face on their doorbell camera.


The man had allegedly poured urine out of a bottle and into the Waters’ home.Kennedy News and Media


Clueless as to what the man was pouring on their property — and fearing it might have been a flammable substance like gasoline — the Waters called on their daughter and son-in-law to inspect the home.

“Our daughter and son-in-law cleared it up for us, and they were steaming the floor, but I had to throw out my rug because it stunk of urine. We were so upset,” Sue said.

The irrational neighbor’s rationale? He claims the couple took his parking spot.

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