Not only was I unaware of my need for healing, I’d worked hard at forgetting my past. But as God gently pursued me with His love, I realized that before I could let go of my past, I had to face it. It didn’t happen overnight. It was a process. And it started with surrendering my past to Him and trusting Him enough to do the next thing He asked me to do — like telling someone.

Bringing my secret out into the open was the hardest step. But in doing so, God’s truth exposed the lies and set me free. Facing my hurts allowed Him to heal my wounds and grieve the losses I’d experienced. Other steps included writing my sexual history list and praying for Him to dissolve those past bonds I’d created, allowing me to bond completely with my husband.

I don’t know what your story is, but God does. He knows what needs healing and the past bonds you need to break. He’ll lead you step by step as you surrender to Him. Don’t believe the lie that your past disqualifies you from having God’s best for your future. Because it’s not true!

Regardless of what’s happened in your past — whether from your own choices or of others’ forced on you — God can and will heal you. You can keep the past from following you into marriage and robbing you of the intimate bond God desires for you. I know, because He’s done it for me and countless others. And He wants to do it for you.

He’s just waiting for you to ask.

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