Primary schools in the Netherlands have begun serving insects to students, in a bid to gradually introduce the Great Reset’s goal of normalizing the consumption of bugs.

A report by the Dutch news site rtvoost expounded on the project, initially launched at the city of Zwolle in the northeastern province of Overijssel. School canteens in the city announced that mealworms and other critters will be on the menu. It remains unknown if parents agreed to, much less made aware of, these questionable nutritional experiments.

The Octopus primary school in Zwolle was among the schools who served insects on the menu. Its canteen served mealworms, lupine worms and other bugs for seventh grade students to try out.

Aside from offering insects as items on the school cafeteria, the school also gave students a chance to try out the bugs for themselves in the classroom through “teaching packs” that purportedly promote “healthy and sustainable eating.”

The provincial government of Overijssel created 100 of these teaching packs and made them available to 100 primary schools in the province. The teaching packs developed in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research formed part of the Dutch Food Week campaign by farmers and gardeners.

In one video, pupils from the Octopus school carefully put the worms in their mouths after initial hesitation. However, only a few found the insects appetizing. The rtvoost report added that Gert Harm ten Bolscher, a member of the Overijssel provincial executive council, saw the trials at the Octopus school as an opportunity to try out the insect menu for himself. (Related: Liberal university now pushing roasted crickets as food source… let the ‘Soylent Green’ propaganda begin!)

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