“My siblings and I were placed under the care of a Chinese nanny since we were born. Over the years, I developed a very close bond with her and she treated me as her own daughter. We had all treated her as part of our own family. She had been with our family for over 50 years before she passed away.

After Love the Lord course, I signed up for a renewal prayer where the Holy Spirit guided me to repent to and renounce a range of occult practices and Taoist idol worshipping that this nanny had led me to believe in and follow. These included visiting feng shui masters and astrologers, worshipping in local temples, praying to Guan Yin etc. She also believed in horoscopes and Chinese zodiac signs. This led me to think that I am hardworking because my horoscope reading said I am “mysterious and diligent”. She also led me to believe that we should judge our friends based on zodiac and other signs.

The Holy Spirit also warned me of the Jezebel spirit in her. In the latter part of her life, our nanny became more scheming and tried to replace our mother’s position in our lives. She also generally carried a greater sense of negativity.

Following her death, I felt heavy and tired. There was also a sense of sadness – and yet relief.

My brother casually mentioned our nanny’s passing way to a prayer counsellor who felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to guide him in a prayer over our family. This included commanding all unwanted spirits associated with the nanny and her beliefs to leave us in the name of Jesus and cutting ungodly soul ties and bondage to anything she may have said or prayed over us. He also forgave her for any curses she had spoken over our family out of jealousy or manipulation.

I wasn’t aware about the prayer at the time because I was at home. But at that very moment, I felt less tired and something lift from me as if a burden was taken away.

This incident has strengthened my faith in God. He continues to love and protect me despite all my past occult practices.”

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