Once you know what you want, make it so. You start the ball rolling. I can tell you that you are worthy, beautiful, enough and that you matter. It is all true, and yet it likely isn’t sinking in.

The voice that will make the most impact is YOU. Until you believe your worthiness, it is just a hollow sentiment from a well-meaning bystander. Even “I love you” from an intimate partner can disappear one day. Many relationships don’t stand the test of time, and the “I love you’s” that were once spoken in earnest are torn away.

The real love, the enduring love, needs to come from yourself to yourself.

Start to say the things that you long to have heard from your mother: “I’m here. I’m proud of you. You are beautiful. You are so special to me. I will take care of you. You are precious to me. I accept you exactly as you are. You are the most wonderful person in my life.”

You say these things every day with vigor and passion. It might feel strange at first because you aren’t used to it; it is unfamiliar. That is ok; you are making it familiar. You are making loving, cherishing and respecting yourself comfortable.

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