Caroline Farrow is a mother of five and married to a Catholic priest. As a Christian, her views on family and gender could be described as socially conservative. Her belief that men are born men and can’t change to be women and vice versa are traditional views that have been the norm since the world began. But now such views, according to the police, are hateful.

On Monday evening as she was making the family dinner there was a knock on the door. It was the police. They told her she was being arrested for online content and, when she asked them if they had a warrant, the male officer pushed his way into the house saying they did not need any warrant. They provided no evidence of her supposed crime but told her that all electronic device she had access to would be seized as evidence.

The police even demanded access to her husband’s parish office which is the vicars office in the church next door. His reply was no because “I don’t trust the police”. They simply radioed their superior who immediately gave them permission to break in. So the police forced their way into the church property to take all electronic devices they could lay their hands on. These included the children’s ipads which they used for their homework.

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