If there is any area in our lives where comfort zones can really have a negative effect on us, it is in our spiritual lives. Here is the place where other people cannot see. Our spiritual lives do not normally affect others as much as our practical lives and our outward relationships do, or at least that is what we like to think. The truth is, our spiritual lives is what is affecting everything else. We think no one is affected by our spirituality or lack of spirituality because it is all an invisible process taking place deep inside our own souls.

Comfort zones affect our spirituality more than anything else because our spirituality is the foundation of who we are, how we deal with people, how we deal with the world, and really how we deal with ourselves.

Comfort zones can get in the way of our spirituality because deep within ourselves we have created comfy little places where we do not need to really face the facts of who we are. True spiritual practices will make you confront these places. You must confront these places and make choices about who you really want to be.

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