Comfort zones are often spoken of in a negative way. People are always encouraging us to “get out of our comfort zone.” But as with most things in life, balance is the key to comfort zones. But we humans do not excel at balance.

Is there anything wrong with a tired mama wanting to relax in her chair after a long day? Of course not. But that same mama, who is usually just getting in the chair to take a hard earned rest at the end of the day, has also gotten into that chair in the middle of the day when she’s feeling depressed. She’s wrapped up in a blanket there, turned on the t.v. and became emotionally, and physically unavailable to her kids.

It is when we use comfort zones this way that they become a bad thing in our life. It is when we begin to use our comfort zones to avoid life, responsibilities and tasks set out to us by God that our comfort zones begin to hinder us spiritually.

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