People do not usually consider their relationships an area that can be affected by comfort zones, but they most certainly can. It is important to explore how comfort zones affect our relationships, because it is in this area that comfort zones can be the most destructive.

Just with anything else in our life, we can get into a certain routine of habits that feel comfortable and safe with our relationships. The problem is that sometimes these routines, and these behaviors are not good for our relationships. In fact, these routines and behaviors could actually be damaging the relationship. Let’s look at a few examples of ways this can happen.

Habits- Take some time to consider what pushes the buttons of your loved ones. Most people do not enjoy this exercise, but it is beneficial if you want to improve relationships and get out of destructive comfort zones. Really consider what triggers most of the conflicts in any of your relationships.

Conflicts with your spouse, your children, your co-workers, your parents, your friends or whoever it may be are always the result of a trigger. Now consider if this trigger is a habit which can be traced back to you. This takes a great deal of personal honesty with yourself.

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