In my house I have chair and a matching foot rest. It is not fancy, and if I’m just being honest, it isn’t really all that pretty. It was literally purchased off the side of the road, where someone had piled furniture with a sign that said, “Stop and ask about prices!” True story. I did stop and ask about prices, and I bought this ugly brown chair, to my children’s great irritation. Our mini- van was already pretty full that day with the five of us, but everyone squished together and I got the chair and the foot rest wedged in.

The chair came home, I set it up in the corner of my living room, where I have a great view of the tv, both air vents would blow my way and I had a handy side table on each side of me. I sat down in this chair and a love affair was born.

This is my chair. This is my spot. After a long day of work, homeschooling and mothering, at the end of the day all I want in the entire world is to get in that chair. In fact, the chair is so powerful, that I’ve started making an announcement to my children, before I get in the chair.

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