When someone is diagnosed with generalized anxiety, there are several courses of treatment a medical provider may consider. Typically, a combination of treatment approaches may be used for GAD.

Recovery from generalized anxiety disorder is possible. The recovery rate is around 57 percent with a psychotherapy approach according to Psychology Today. However, because of the difficult nature of treating GAD, this rate could be higher with the inclusion of other forms of treatment like medication or alternative therapies.

Ranging from 50 to 60 percent of patients who receive therapy for GAD do show a positive response. Factors that can impact the response to treatment include the quality of care, the provider’s experience in treating GAD and the duration of treatment. Typically, the longer someone remains in a treatment program or receives ongoing treatment, the better their outcome may be.

While treatment can significantly help someone with GAD manage their symptoms, many people don’t seek treatment. The generalized anxiety disorder treatment rate is relatively low because of various factors.

For someone living with GAD, seeking treatment is important to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. To learn more about treatment for co-occurring anxiety disorders and substance use disorders, contact The Recovery Village and a representative can help you learn more about which treatment program could work for you.

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