The Bible, which is God’s Word, has a lot to say about being humble. We will look at two verses and how they encourage us to walk with humility.

James 4:10 is one popular verse on humility. It says that we should humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord so that He will lift us up. If we want God to lift us out of situations that we find unpleasant, we have to give him room to do so. We ought to seek His wisdom because He is the one with the answers we want to deal with life’s issues.

According to Proverbs 22:4, we find riches, honor, and life by humility and the fear of the Lord. If we want to live godly lives that bring us joy, we have to humble ourselves and have the fear of God in our hearts. When we humble ourselves before God, He can direct us along the right path in life.

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