Hafez Hureini, injured along with a settler in a violent incident in the Hebron Hills, has been in detention since Monday; no settlers involved have been questioned by police.

Masked settlers approach a Palestinian man on private Palestinian land close to the Havat Ma’on illegal settlement outpost in the south Hebron Hills, in an incident on September 12, 2022. (Screenshot)

A Palestinian man whose arms were both broken during a violent incident involving masked settlers from an illegal settlement outpost had his detention extended on Monday for the second time.

Hafez Hureini, 52, from the village of At-Tuwani in the south Hebron Hills region, has been in detention in the Ofer military prison since the incident last Monday, on suspicion of attempted murder. He is the only individual involved in the skirmish who has been questioned under warning or arrested. He was ordered held until Wednesday.

None of the five settlers who were involved has been questioned or arrested.


Despite the police claiming they need to keep Hureini in detention due to a concern that he may interfere with the investigation if released, the police have failed to carry out the investigative steps they said they needed to take in order to prevent such interference.

During a hearing in the Judea Military Court on Monday morning, a representative for the police, Senior Chief Sergeant Rafi Sabag, acknowledged that the police had not carried out three investigative operations which they had previously said were necessary to prevent obstruction of the investigation.

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