(Natural News) Another public school teacher has been busted propagandizing students with left-wing hate.

According to photos and other information posted online and reported by The Washington Examiner, the English teacher from Madison High School in San Diego was giving a lesson on ‘fascism’ (what happened to teaching English?) and compared the Republican Party to the ideology, though by any fair definition, today’s left-wing Democrat Party is the textbook definition of the authoritarian belief system. A photo taken by a student shows that the teacher wrote on the dry-erase board that the “modern-day Republican Party” and “white, Christian, heterosexuals” comprise “fascists.”

“Immediately, I walk in and notice on the board, it says, ‘The Republican Party is the fascist party, and it does not fit the mold of a Democratic Party,’” a student told the outlet. “It’s the first thing I saw when I came in.”

The student snapped a photo of the board, which read: “As it is currently constituted, the Republican Party is now a fascist organization that no longer fits the category of a conventional Democratic Party.”

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