The gist of this prophecy is that the current US Dollar will be going away, and will be replaced by a new one.  How that’ll happen, and what form it’ll take, is not as yet known.  Three theories that exist are that 1) The dollar will completely collapse and go to zero, forcing it to be replaced by an entirely new currency, 2) the current dollar will be returned to the “gold” standard, with gold and silver backing it, transforming it from its current fiat condition, into sound money, 3) the dollar will completely go away, and be replaced with a North American dollar as part of a North American Union that will form on the backside of this dollar collapse.

Again, these are just some of the theories right now as to exactly how this will play out.  The only common denominator in all this is that the current US Dollar is going to go away, and be replaced by something new.  Again, how that unfolds, and what form it takes, is not known as of yet.

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