During the covid vaccine clinical trials, researchers found out that a higher dose caused greater rates of sickness, hospitalization and death. In the Moderna trials, participants were injected with various dosages, 25 ug, 100 ug or 250 ug. As the volume increased, the rate of adverse events increased.

A study published in 2021 concluded that “all vials are not the same” and discovered the “potential role of vaccine quality in vaccine adverse reactions.” Moreover, adverse events data taken from the government’s pharmacovigilance systems shows that some Pfizer vaccine lots were more reactive and caused 25 times more adverse events and hospitalizations than other lots.

These covid vaccines are shipping from different manufacturing plants around the world and could have different compositions. Even the Department of Defense (DOD) has not been forthcoming about thee vaccine’s origin, label, or manufacturing plant, as they illegally force-inject service members with EUA vaccines. To make matters worse, the DOD is purposely harming the most mentally tough members in the military, threatening them with discharge for not getting clot shot vaccines.

This brings up the obvious question: were some covid vaccine lots purposely manufactured with a higher dose of the spike protein mRNA? Were these weaponized vaccine lots intentionally sent to red states to punish them for not following along with the forced narrative of lockdowns, mask mandates, test mandates, vaccine passports, and medical tyranny? If the government has been hesitant to provide informed consent to the public in regards to an obviously flawed and dangerous product; if the government has already tried to destroy people’s careers and freedoms for not following the narrative; then how can they be trusted NOT to harm people intentionally with weaponized vaccine lots?

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