In the Netherlands, farmers block a major highway with their tractors on Tuesday during a national protest. Farmers say their livestock and operations are being unfairly blamed for greenhouse gas emissions.

As farmers in The Netherlands continue their protests against government “green” initiatives that threaten to destroy agriculture and the food supply at large, they are now being joined by fellow farmers in Poland and Italy who face a similar plight under the heavy boot of government tyranny.

Reports indicate that protests sprouted up in both countries this week to similarly challenge government regulations that make it next to impossible to grow food and make a living, let alone keep one’s farm solvent under the heavy weight of so many insurmountable restrictions.

The globalists that rule Europe out of Brussels want farmers to go belly up, apparently. They disguise their tyranny under the veil of “sustainability” and going “green,” but the reality is that their policies and agenda are to stamp out the human herd, which they view as little more than cattle.

“We are not slaves, we are farmers!” chanted farmers in Italy as they rode around in their tractors with banners aimed at raising awareness about the issues at hand. “We cannot make ends meet!”

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