Architecture of Mesopotamia: 1) Assyrian warriors on horseback; 2) Assyrian warriors with chariots; 3) Lion hunt; 4) Bull hunting; 5) Siege of a city; 6) Conquest of a fortress, deportation of the prisoners; 7) Assyrian king Sardanapalus in his chariot; 8) Activities at sea; 9) Assyrian king Ashurbanipal (reig. 668-626 BC) and his queen in his royal garden (Nineveh, Iraq); 10) Victoriously returning Assyrian king; 11) Horse head (Nineveh); 12) Bronze lion (Nineveh); 13) Blessing genius (winged man, Nineveh); 14) Sargon II (right) and a dignitary. Sargon II’s palace at Dur-Sharrukin, c. 716 – 713 BC, bas-relief, exhibited at the Louvre; 15) cylinder with cuneiform scripts; 16) Shalmaneser III (reign. 860 BC – 825) and Israel (black limestone obelisk, 841 BC, Nimrud); 17) Mosaic ornament; 18) Visual reconstruction of the northern part of the palace of Dur Sharrukin (Khorsabad, Iraq). Wood engravings, published in 1893.

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