Biden is considering removing President Trump’s tariffs on China. President Trump knows they help America. Biden doesn’t seem to care.

Joe Biden is making his treasonous actions more transparent as he now is seriously considering dropping President Trump’s tariffs with China.

Joe Biden and his gang are working on eliminating President Trump’s tariffs on China.  They made up an argument to do so that is just plain false.  When Trump set up the tariffs, the US began making money, US industries were saved, and China manipulated its currency lower so that the price of their goods would be the same to the US taxpayer.  China hurt its people by doing so in an attempt to keep up demand for their goods.

President Trump then encouraged companies to come back to the US and gave them tax reasons to do so.

But Biden is China’s puppet so he’ll do anything for China as he has shown with every policy move he has made to date.  So now Biden is claiming that removing the tariffs will help decrease inflation in the US.  It will actually do the opposite as US workers lose their jobs and the economy suffers from these workers spending less.

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