The Ohio House passed a resolution (House Resolution 194) Wednesday night that urges the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) “to consider adding Canada to the Special Watch List of countries where the government engages in violations of religious freedom.”

“This resolution is not the result of a singular incident or even a handful of incidents. Instead, it’s a persistent pattern of religious rights violations has driven us to this point,” stated Republican Rep. Tim Ginter.

One of the many reasons Rep. Ginter said he supported the resolution was how Canada handled lockdowns of churches and the actions it took against religious leaders during the pandemic.

The bill cites the “abuses of religious liberty that have gone on throughout the Provinces of Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Among the abuses cited include the arrests of pastors James CoatesArtur Pawlowski, and Tobias Tissen. Pawlowski was arrested five times over the last two years while protesting Covid mandates.

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