Greece on Monday vowed to take all necessary measures over the “completely illegal and unprovoked” seizure of two Greek tankers by Iran.

Greece has informed its international partners and allies about the incident so that they can respond to the situation created by Iran’s “unacceptable tactics,” government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou said at a press conference in the capital Athens, according to Greek daily Avgi.

Last week, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said it seized two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf allegedly for committing “violations.”

The action against Greek oil tankers Prudent Warrior and Delta Poseidon was apparently in response to Athens’ move to seize an Iranian oil tanker earlier this year.

Responding to a question, Oikonomou said Iran had no legitimate grounds to retaliate as Greece acted “in line with international conventions and decisions of the EU Court of Justice” when it seized the Iranian oil tanker.

He, however, did not respond when asked whether Athens plans to return the tanker’s confiscated oil to Tehran.

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