Wiseman’s “tablet theory” was cautiously received by some Bible scholars but when, as a result of his new perspective, he broke from tradition and introduced an entirely new way to interpret the account of creation, those scholars were not so quick to follow. The most common type of data used in support of the six days of Genesis chapter one being days of creative activity is based upon traditional interpretations of the Bible, so it serves as our point of departure in investigating the possibility that those six days were days of revelation!

Most church fathers accepted the days in Genesis chapter one as ordinary days – days in which creative activity occurred. This approach has affected the way people interpret Scripture, even up until the current time. But, as the man who started the Reformation said, “Whenever we observe the opinions of the Fathers disagree with Scripture, we reverently bear with them and acknowledge them to be our elders. Nevertheless, we do not depart from the authority of Scripture for their sake” (Martin Luther as cited in E. Pass, What Martin Luther Says: A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active Christian, 1991, 1523).

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