He is the next one in my list of world’s dumbest criminals because he crossed all the limits of insanity. This robber who was an 18-year-old at that time named Ruben Zarate invaded a muffler shop located in Chicago, and there he demanded money by showing up a gun to the staff.

The staff got threatened but there was a problem, they couldn’t give more money to this robber as the manager was not there and all the money was in a safe lock and only manages could open it.

The brilliant robber left his phone number so when the manager would come, the staff would call him. But it was his bad because the staff first called the Chicago police and told the entire story happened.

The robber thought it was a wise way to steal money next time, but he was unknowingly he made this silly mistake. Police asked the staff to call the robber that the manager is back in the shop and now you can threaten him for the money.

The robber felt it like heaven, and with all the bliss, he wanted the store where he saw the police officers waiting for him. He tried to run away but there was a brief shootout, and the little robber got arrested.

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