When it comes to robbery, nothing should be left behind, not even a fingerprint. But this robber didn’t know about this simple rule, and he left behind his certificates as a great proof of his identity.

So I put him among these world’s dumbest criminals because he was trying to be a crook without knowing the rules. This criminal makes it easy for the police to catch him in a blink.

The robber grabbed the wallet from a woman and ran away, but he left his important things behind, and that was his birth certificate.  The wallet was full with $40 in cash and the victim’s ID, but the robber dropped his two important things- his birth certificate and his mother’s letter.

These two proofs were enough to identify him as Zachary Tentoni from Southington, Connecticut.

In no time, police caught him up and identified the situation eve after his pretending to be someone else. The pretending thing was pointless because there was the victim who identified him immediately.

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