This robbery was a height of dumbness, so I have to put these criminals among these world’s dumbest criminals, and also they deserve a trophy pretend with dumbest criminals.

Robbers always look for the secure way so they can get away from the target place ASAP, but these robbers were out of mind, and it seems like they were not in any hurry to get him with the stolen luxury.

These robbers underestimated the most important aspect as the least important and guess what, they did the robbery successfully, but their getaway vehicle was a ten-year-old donkey and not any car of a bike but a donkey.

Even the donkey was not their own, they kidnapped it and loaded all the robbery on the back of the donkey. In the robbery, there were food and rum that they loaded and planned to escape.

Fortunately, the donkey was wiser than these two closed minded and stupid criminals and he started making noise. Listening to the noise, officers came and identified the entire situation. Meanwhile, both robbers ran away leaving the donkey behind and all the stolen food and rum.

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