This one also comes from these worlds dumbest criminals probably due to being less present at the time of the robbery. Yeah, that’s right, this dumb man entered a bank, and there he threatened the target with a real gun.

This robber was with a gun and a bag in another hand, this low-minded person told the target to fill up the bag with £700,000 in cash. Instead of giving him the bag, this douche handed over the gun to the target, and probably he was under pressure because robbing out a blank is not like eating cake.

The stressful situation made this mistake, and after a few seconds the robber realized his mistake, but that was too late for him. Unlike the robber, the worker was in full presence of mind, and he took full advantage of this situation by pointing the gun straight at the robber’s face.

Luckily, the robber ran away without money but even then, he was not empty-handed as he pedaled off an employee’s bicycle, but the bank saved itself.

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