US government officials fully realize that radical Islamic terrorists intend to pull off these dirty bombs in targeted US cities, but they are missing a far more important point: Due to the mass vaccination status of the population, people are highly vulnerable to cancers caused by low-level exposure to ionizing radiation that is far below any “lethal” dose.

What the anti-west terrorists in Afghanistan and Iran have figured out is that western nations have very high mRNA injection rates due to the extreme pro-vaccine propaganda pushed by their governments. Further, those vaccine uptake rates are the highest in the cities of those nations, where populations tend to be far more obedient and socialist, which is directly correlated with the “sheeple” mindset that results in oblivious masses agreeing to be injected with spike protein bioweapons platforms known as “vaccines.” This is especially true in the left-wing socialist cities of Western Europe such as London, Paris, Berlin, etc.

Thus, strategic enemies of the West have come to realize that even a low level of radiation would, over time, wipe out the vast majority of the population in those cities by unleashing an aggressive wave of cancer caused by chronic, low-level radiation exposure. Dirty bomb material such as cobalt-60 achieves chromosomal breaks due to its ionizing radiation. This well-known fact has no doubt been well understood by the enemies of the West.

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