People who lost everything in Terra (UST) and Luna are now contemplating suicide after having their lives ruined by more cryptocurrency scams.

On Reddit, one person wrote that his friend and ex-manager of 15 years tried to commit suicide after moving basically all of his life savings to crypto in 2021.

“… Luna was a massive player in his portfolio,” this person wrote.

Many other posts just like this one began appearing on the social media platform after the two “stablecoins” lost almost all of their perceived value in less than a week.

The Sun reported that after Terra Luna, one of the top 10 most valuable cryptos in the world, lost 98 percent of its value overnight, an investor who put in more than $450,000 lost everything.

“Incredibly, the dramatic collapse occurred in the space of just 24 hours with its market cap spiraling from above $40 billion to just $500 million,” the news outlet reported.

This person, who also posted on Reddit, revealed that he “lost over $450,000” and “cannot pay the bank.”

“I will lose my home soon,” he wrote. “I’ll become homeless.”

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