“We want to later create protocols of effective collaboration with the Air Force and the Republican National Guard (GNR) to reach the isolated cases that may occur in the interior of the country,” he said, justifying that the purpose is to “act fast and make a more effective clearance”.

Vítor Moreira stressed that the team has already developed “a work of assessment of events that were relevant last year”, which resulted in the Annual Report of Occurrences, in which “no case was given as extraordinary”, having existed an explanation and scientific validation for the 19 sighted events.

“Mostly, the percentage of cases explained involves drone technology as well as various types of balloons,” said the official.

Vítor Moreira stressed that CIFA hopes next year to present “a more consistent and accurate model” of the reports received, projecting for 2023 to continue working “not with hypotheses, but with certainty”.

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