Randy Cantwell. (Tulsa County Jail, via KTUL)

(NEWSER) – A man in Oklahoma apparently had his heart set on an Audi, but his alleged scheme to acquire one didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. KTUL reports that Randy Cantwell was arrested in Tulsa after police say he showed up at a car dealership in Tulsa, claimed he was a federal marshal, and tried to drive away in one of the lot’s vehicles. According to the Tulsa Police Department, Cantwell arrived at the dealership in the south part of the city on Monday and expressed interest in an Audi there, per employee accounts. With keys in hand, a worker reportedly took Cantwell over to see the car, though he explained Cantwell couldn’t actually take it for a spin because the vehicle wasn’t prepped to drive.

That’s when things took a weird turn. Cops say Cantwell told the employee the car was stolen, that he was a federal marshal, and that he was leaving with the car. Quick-thinking workers say they blocked him in, however, forcing Cantwell to ditch the car and try to walk off the lot. Police arrived at the scene, and they say the only ID Cantwell provided was a driver’s license—meaning it didn’t appear he was a federal marshal after all, despite him telling officers he became one after Donald Trump declared martial law while president, per FOX23. Cantwell was arrested for false impersonation of law enforcement.

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