Police say the suspects apparently wanted the trailer’s batteries. (Getty Images/steverts)

(NEWSER) – Two Alabama men have been arrested over an audacious, but extremely ill-advised, theft. The Russell County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post Tuesday that Gabriel Mendoza Garcia and Steve Gerome Spann were arrested Monday for allegedly stealing a speed-warning trailer that belongs to the sheriff’s office. “It appears they were trying to get the batteries to sell the batteries,” Sheriff Heath Taylor tells the Ledger-Enquirer. “Batteries are bringing a high dollar now.”

Both men have been charged with first-degree theft of property and first-degree criminal mischief. Taylor says the suspects were tracked down through the trailer’s GPS. WRBL reports that the trailer is also equipped with a camera, which captured video of the theft. “It just shows you we’ve got crazy people running around,” the sheriff says.

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