The Journal of Hepatology has published a new study confirming that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are, in fact, triggering severe autoimmune hepatitis in children.

Fauci Flu shots elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-mediated hepatitis, also known as liver inflammation, through a unique pathomechanism associated with jab-induced, antigen-specific, tissue-resident immunity requiring systemic immunosuppression.

Entitled, “SARS-CoV-2 vaccination can elicit a CD8 T-cell dominant hepatitis,” the study was released just days after the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a “global alert” about hepatitis outbreaks in children.

The government of the United Kingdom also announced that it is launching an urgent investigation into a hepatitis outbreak in British children. Officials say that the disease is not linked to any of the common viruses that normally cause liver inflammation, which really only leaves one other explanation: covid injections.

“On April 15 2022, the World Health Organization issued a global alert about a new form of severe acute Hepatitis with an unknown aetiology (cause) affecting previously healthy children in the UK over the last month,” reported the Daily Exposé.

“Cases have also been notified in Spain and Ireland. Tests have excluded all previously known Hepatitis viruses.”

As of April 25, the same type of hepatitis infections in children have now been identified in at least 12 different countries, with the majority of cases occurring in the UK.

“At least 169 cases had been reported by this date, and 17 children had required a liver transplant,” the Exposé revealed. “Sadly, as of 25th April, 1 child had unfortunately lost their life.”

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