Thousands of people gathered at Kamalapur Railway Station on Sunday (April 24), the second day of advance sales of train tickets for the upcoming Eid holidays.

Long queues formed at the 16 counters selling the advance tickets.

Tickets for April 28 are being sold on Sunday. A large number of travellers are expected to leave Dhaka on that date as it is the last working day before Eid-ul Fitr, reports

According to officials, the authorities set a sales target of 27,000 tickets each day in the lead up to Eid. Half of these tickets will be sold at the station counter and the other half online.

According to them, the sale of advance tickets online and over the counter has started. Tickets are available at five stations in Dhaka. As long as tickets are available, passengers will be able to buy them.

Travellers seeking train tickets are required to show their national identity cards or photocopies of their birth certificates. An individual can buy up to four tickets but must also show the NIDs or birth certificates of each of the other three passengers before they are allowed to buy their tickets.

Tickets for Apr 29 will go on sale on Monday, April 30 on Tuesday and May 1 on Wednesday.

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