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On Thursday, just a day after Joe Biden attempted to pull the ultimate ‘wool‘ over Americans eyes, tweeting with his forked tongue “I know that families are still struggling with higher prices. I grew up in a family where if the price of gas went up, we felt it. Let’s be absolutely clear about why prices are high right now: COVID and Vladimir Putin, Biden’s CDC has put out an alert warning of a ‘mystery hepatitis outbreak‘ in young American children.

Attempting to pull the same ‘wool‘ over the American people’s eyes that Joe Biden did, claiming this mysterious liver disease is likely hitting young children ‘because of weakened immune systems from the lockdown‘, is it any wonder at all that the American people no longer trust Biden or ‘government’?!

And while this Daily Mail story reported that according to the CDC, all of these weakened immune systems in American children, with liver diseases in the young spiking, are somewhat ‘normal‘ for people who’ve been ‘locked down‘ for so long, if that’s the case, why did they torture our younger generations in the first place if they all knew what was likely coming?

And as that story pointed out, many of these infections are coming in ‘clusters‘? If this was a ‘lock down‘ thing, wouldn’t this be a nationwide thing with children all across the country being ‘locked down‘? Yet, we must remind you, such horrific reaction clusters‘ have also been seen with ‘the vax’.

And all of the top-voted comments on that Daily Mail story wasted no time and immediately ripped the CDC and ‘the Biden criminal cabal‘ into little bits and pieces.

SaltyKraken, Mar-a-Lago, United States: “The CDC is about as trustworthy as CNN.”

DEEMAREE, Atlanta, United States: “How many of these children were vaccinated?”

BigJimSlim, my house, United States: “CDC is a Deep State organization who’s objective is to control your mind so that you obey government orders. 5G is a stealth mechanism so that the government can spy on you.” 

SubconsciousMind, San Diego, United States: “The J A B has consequences.”

Sharon1776, Grayson, United States: “If parents are jabbed they can spike their kids when shedding those spike proteins.”

Mr. Quin, Nowheresville, United States“Toxin exposure” now where oh where could they have been exposed to a toxin recently? Anyone want to take a jab, um, stab at solving this mystery?”

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