Wolf also cited a meeting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2021, in which experts called to vaccinate children against COVID-19 as soon as possible. “They’re saying things that now look unbelievably reckless. [These] are FDA experts saying “We’ve got to give kids vaccinations immediately because it would be unethical to give only half of them vaccinations and the other half [with] placebos to see how they do,” she said.

“What they knew in May 2021 about 35 kids having permanent heart damage, and saying ‘We have to vaccinate every child’  … [even though] kids have almost no risk from COVID-19 – that is a surreal thing to claim in public.

The FDA nevertheless approved the Pfizer vaccine for children aged five to 11 on Oct. 26 last year. It cited the alleged benefits of getting the vaccine that “clearly outweigh” the risks of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation) and pericarditis as a basis for its decision.

Texas chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis voiced out his displeasure toward the decision on the Oct. 27, 2021 episode of his Brighteon.TV program “The Dr. Ardis Show.”

“What are some of the risks associated with this shot? It actually lists side effects that have been reported with this vaccine, including myocarditis [and] pericarditis. This is the FDA document, so they know that these are side effects of the vaccines,” said Ardis.

The Brighteon.TV host challenged his viewers: “They are going to be injecting [your children] with a shot they know causes inflammation of your heart muscle, which actually is a cause for congestive heart failure. How many of you think your five- to 11-year-old children deserve to start off their teenage years or adolescent years with congestive heart failure caused by myocarditis?”

VaccineDamage.news has more stories about the dangers of the Pfizer COVID-19 poison shot.

Watch the full conversation between Steve Bannon and Naomi Wolf below.

This video is from the Chinese taking down EVIL CCP channel on Brighteon.com.

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