(NEWSER) – Police in Britain say they received a “suspicious call” related to a burglary on Wednesday, one that came from the unsuspecting burglars themselves. Police say one of two men later arrested had butt-dialed 999, the emergency number in the UK, allowing authorities to listen in as the crime was in progress, reports the Guardian. The call detailed “all of their antics up to the point of hearing our patrols arrive to arrest them,” Chief Inspector John Owen of the Staffordshire police wrote in a tweet, which included a clip of one of the ill-fated burglars from Home Alone. “I think we have just arrested the world’s unluckiest burglars,” Owen wrote. “It’s a bum rap,” a user added, per the BBC. The two men from Stoke-on-Trent, aged 49 and 42, remained in custody as of Thursday, per the Stoke Sentinel. (Read more butt dialing stories.)

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