America is still under attack by the Population Reduction Regime (PRR) that currently runs Washington DC, the CDC and the FDA. Under the guise of disease control, the federal government has enacted medical tyranny rules, mandates and regulations that all but enforce Covid masks and vaccines at gunpoint.

The PRR has a stranglehold on the hospitals, the schools, nearly all corporations, the travel industry, and of course, the mass media complex. Now, more than two years into the “pandemic,” and entering the endemic phase, several fascist-run governments in America are STILL enforcing masks for young children, even toddlers.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, and free advertising, for a fake pandemic meant to get everyone “inoculated” with deadly mRNA and spike-protein-payload injections. That is the current “end game,” and the means to justify those ends are based on everyone wearing oxygen-depriving masks all day, including children, toddlers (for which New York just reinstated theirs), infants, and pregnant women.

Wuhan Virus masks breed bacteria, carry germs, incubate virus particles, deprive the wearer of oxygen and cause perpetual brain fog

One of the fastest ways to turn America into a communist sinkhole is to enslave the populace with absurd distractions, senseless rules, toxic food and chemical medicine. The fluoride in the tap water lowers human IQ by several points, helping the populace believe in fake science, fake news and pandemic rescue “vaccines.” The Covid masks also help keep the population dumbed down, confused, forgetful and unable to think critically about what is happening to their health, as they succumb to the “mandates” of masks, social distancing and relentless “vaccinations.”

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