• A massive ocean sunfish measuring 2,000 kilograms was caught on North African Coast 
  • It is named Mola alexandrini or known as a bump-head sunfish because of the distinctive lump on its noggin 
  • It set a record as the biggest sunfish ever caught in the region 

Water covers a vast part of the Earth’s surface and plays a critical role in the planet’s survival. The sea helps control the planet’s climate and plays a vital part in the water cycle, carbon cycle, and nitrogen cycle.

The sea is a treasure trove of innumerable life forms. Many of which have only recently been discovered, and there are many more yet to be discovered. It also serves as a mineral storage facility. The sea is a mysterious area, and because of its vastness, it always piques the interest of those who are curious about it.

Because of the many geographical elements that surround it, the water takes on a varied character depending on where you are. In some regions, the water’s salt is so high that humans do not drown when swimming in it. And, of course, no living thing can exist under such conditions. Among the most significant ingredients in our cuisine is seaweed, which can be found in abundance in the seas and oceans—for example, salt.

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