Brian Keith Siemienski, Port St Lucie Police

On Monday, April 10th, 33-year-old Brian Keith Siemienski was arrested after he snatched a woman’s purse in a Denny’s car park, located in Port St Lucie, Florida, he ran away straight into the arms of the law.

At approximately 3:00 pm a Denny’s employee was sitting in her car, whilst the fast food eatery was being cleaned for bugs. Brian approached her vehicle, the employee asked if she could help him, brian replied “Yeah this”, he opened her car door, snatched the Dennys workers handbag.

The pair struggled with the handbag until the handle broke off the purse. Brian ran off with the loot but he ran straight into the arms of a St Lucie Police Sergeant. the police were already in the area.

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