Burglar Rubs Faeces In Homeowners Face Lacy Kegan – March 9th 2017 A female house burglar pushed her excrement in the face of homeowner after she was confronted

Melissa Jayne Ridley, Cumbria Police

Early February 2017, the 31-year-old heroin addict, Melissa Jayne Ridley broke into a home in the town of Workington, Cumbria, England. She smeared excrement into the face of the homeowner as she was confronted by her.

Mellissa, who has over 100 offenses on her record, broke into the victim’s home, she stole a handbag, some jewelry and exited the home. As she made her escape, she was confronted by the homeowner.

The homeowner grappled with Mellissa stopping her from escaping, Mellissa shouted, “let me go, let me go, I have pooed myself,”. Mellissa then reached into her underwear, grabbed her excrement and pushed it into the victims face.

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