The buggy-drifting skills of Ray Byler, 20, of Sigel, Pennsylvania, sound impressive; his alcohol tolerance, not so much. Byler was charged with a misdemeanor for driving under the influence and also was cited for careless and reckless driving. Police began following the Amish buggy he was driving and watched as Byler sped up at a turn and locked the brakes, sending sparks flying. According to Trib Live, when Byler pulled over to let the officers pass and they asked if he was OK, Byler’s response was slurred, and he smelled of alcohol. When asked if he’d been drinking, Byler told the officers he’d had “a couple of beers.” Byler was allowed to stand by his agitated horse’s side after the field sobriety test; police said he refused to take the blood draw test at the hospital.

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