“Thank you for your service to the community. You have the right to remain silent.”
  • This case seems like the dictionary definition of taking one for the team.

The best crime stories are generally those where the crook gives the cops a good challenge. But here’s a case that proves that the exact opposite can spin a good tale as well.

Thomas Eugene Colucci, 42, got arrested on drug charges on March 10. The cops busted him after the Spring Hill, Florida, resident called them himself and asked them to test the meth he’d purchased.

But the man does have a heart of, if not gold, then at least some kind of precious metal. You see, he suspected that the drugs he’d bought weren’t what the dealer claimed them to be.

Concerned that the unknown substance could put other drug users in mortal danger, Colucci decided to inform the cops. And if that meant his own arrest, well, he seemed ready to accept it.

There is honor among junkies, after all.

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